Presents for C

I really hope my beautiful little nephew enjoys these things I made for him. They were hand delivered to him interstate today, an unforgivable 2 months after his birthday. I'm sure at 3 years of age he didn't notice the absence of a gift from us on his actual birthday, but belated present giving was on my list of NY resolutions and it seems I still have some work to do in this department.

I wanted to make C a pair of Little Explorer pants and a matching Lazy Day Hat. Due to some major brain dysfunction on my part, the pants pattern and I just did not get along and I could possibly be the only person in the world that had trouble with this pattern (which I think is classed as easy). Now that I have finished the pants, I would agree that yes, this pattern is easy! I used the ribbon trick and added a little piece to show the back of the pants. Unfortunately I ran out of time to put together the hat, even though the pieces are cut out and sitting here waiting to be sewn. I will finish it this week and post it up instead.

I had C in mind when I posted about the texta roll. You will be pleased to know that the display textas were replaced with brand new textas, perhaps his mum would have preferred crayons though? Personally, I always thought textas were more fun when I was a kid ;-)

And last but not least is the reversible Superhero Cape. When I saw this tute I knew I had to make it for C. I'm so glad I made this last weekend when G took the kids out for the afternoon (since I ended up running out of time to do the hat). It was an easy little project but I was nervous about drawing out my own neck shape. I copied the tute as best I could and it turned out quite well. I loved using the felt and fusbile web. It also gave me my first opportunity to try applique which was much easier on the straight lines and a bit tricky around the curves. Again, I'm really happy with the cape and will have to make a couple for my kids and they will also make fantastic gifts, more things to make for the present box!

And thank you to my sister in law for her fabulous compliments on my sewing, it was so nice to hear such fantastic feedback on the presents.


  1. Great job Vik now you will have to give the overalls ago.......

  2. You did well Vik, aren't the superhero capes cool, wasn't the motiff so easy to do?? I loved the pattern when I made capes for the kids :) Bet your little nephew loves them!

  3. The old ribbon trick, hey? The pants look great, and I don't think it matters that they are late. Most of the gifts I make and send are.

    The superhero capes look great, I especially like the superman logo. Is it one cape, double-sided? Two superheros in one, gotta love that!

  4. Yes, reversible capes, 2 birds with 1 stone LOL

    Glad I'm not the only one sending the pressies off late!

  5. Vik you are so clever, I can just see a little person zooming around in that awesome cape!