Tail Improvements

I unpicked the tail. I took the stuffing out of it. I cut some coathanger wire and put it in the tail. I re-stuffed the tail (less stuffing this time). I re-attached the tail and put some bends in it. I am now happy with the tail :-D

Here she is, my little dalmatian.

I also ended up making a quicky skirt for her to wear when she took the suit off so she could still be dressed up for the day but the suit was on almost all day anyway.

Seeing Spots

To celebrate Children's Book Week M's school is having a "Dress up as your favourite book character" day. Without hesitation she chose to be a a 101 Dalmatian and as she pointed out..."not all of them mum!"

This is the first time I haven't groaned and rolled my eyes upon hearing about another dress up day, I was actually excited about making her a costume (I've secretly always wanted to be one of *those* mums).

I found this pattern and some spotty faux fur fabric from Lincraft. The fur was ok to work with, quite messy and it became thick and bulky to sew in some places. Other than that, this was a really easy pattern and apart from the tail looking like something else (go on, have a guess at what I could be getting at!!) I am really happy with the end result.

Perhaps I overstuffed the tail...?

Ok, I've decided I have overstuffed the tail and with less stuffing it might look less like what I think it looks like.

Oh dear!

This is M wearing the costume before I had done the wrist/ankle elastic and also before I had attached the ears and tail. Excuse H's mismatched pj's, instead just focus your attention on the tiny little gap in M's mouth, she lost her first tooth!

Nothing to See Here

**Apologies for the absence of hyperlinks, I am too tired (yawn) and will come back and edit my post soon**

Another birthday present.

A pair of Little Explorer pants in a size 3 and this time I appliqued a t-shirt with much better results than my effort with the baby bodysuit. Thanks to Mel for linking to the photo with the heavier applique stitching following my calls of help in a previous post. I think the tighter stitching looks much better and I am confident it will wash and wear a lot better too. I tucked the edges under this time aswell.

Do you think the dots are ok for a 3yo boy? I've loved them ever since I saw them. They are from a range called Baby Safari and I think they are quite babyish but I asked mum for her opinion and she thought the opposite (no surprises there) and said if anything she thought they were more "grown up". I would put my Mr 2 in a pair of these so I'm hoping Mr 3's mum (and Mr 3) like them too.

Another texta roll. This time I used some yellow stars since I bought some after wishing I had had it for the first texta roll I made.

Happy birthday to Mr 3 tomorrow, we can't wait to come to your party and celebrate your special day with you :-D

Summer Top

It feels so good to be back in my blog with a new post, it's been too long....

This top was made from a really easy and great pattern from Frog Legs and Ponytails and is called the Amelia Shirt.

I had some trouble at my last sewing class with some armhole bias binding on a different top I'm making so I was scared to try again but it went on perfectly. I decided to use some of M's hair clips to keep the binding in place and it worked a treat, so much easier than trying to sew right up to the pins which is why I think I had problems last time.

Unfortunately this top isn't for me (sob, sob) as I love the AB fabric which I ordered in especially for my friend, whose birthday was yesterday. I love the style of this top and ordered enough AB fabric (different pattern/colours) to make myself one too. I had trouble deciding which fabric to use for my friend and ended up choosing this combo because I think it's more "her" than the other fabric set. FWIW I love both lots that I ordered and would've been happy with a top in either!

Bias binding being held in place with hairclips

Happy with the armhole binding


...and me modelling the top

A Sweet Little Set for a 1st Birthday

I've had my eye on this dotty fabric for a while now and thought it would look super cute as a trim on the Little Explorer pants. I hope Mr 1 year old and his mum love this little set which will be perfect for next summer, since we are already halfway through winter.

Another attempt at applique, this time around a square instead of superhero logo's. I thought a square would be easier (straight lines) but of course the stitches were so much more obvious on this little bodysuit than they were on the cape, which you had to look very closely at to notice any imperfections. I didn't know how to zigzag neatly around the corners and ended up starting new stitching for each edge (nowhere near as nice). I think next time I will turn the sides under to avoid fraying. I used fusible web and I thought it would *seal* the edges but it didn't and it ever so slightly started to fray but won't the zigzag stop that anyway??

Feel free to come forth with any tips to enlighten me on the art of applique.

I had a much easier run with the pants this time and will definitely be making more of these little sets, they are just too cute!

I LOVE this little tag!!

It will be good to do more applique and get better at it