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**Apologies for the absence of hyperlinks, I am too tired (yawn) and will come back and edit my post soon**

Another birthday present.

A pair of Little Explorer pants in a size 3 and this time I appliqued a t-shirt with much better results than my effort with the baby bodysuit. Thanks to Mel for linking to the photo with the heavier applique stitching following my calls of help in a previous post. I think the tighter stitching looks much better and I am confident it will wash and wear a lot better too. I tucked the edges under this time aswell.

Do you think the dots are ok for a 3yo boy? I've loved them ever since I saw them. They are from a range called Baby Safari and I think they are quite babyish but I asked mum for her opinion and she thought the opposite (no surprises there) and said if anything she thought they were more "grown up". I would put my Mr 2 in a pair of these so I'm hoping Mr 3's mum (and Mr 3) like them too.

Another texta roll. This time I used some yellow stars since I bought some after wishing I had had it for the first texta roll I made.

Happy birthday to Mr 3 tomorrow, we can't wait to come to your party and celebrate your special day with you :-D

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  1. Its' great Vik :) You've really mastered the craft of the little explorer sets now with crayon/texta rolls, makes for such a lovely gift and the "handmade" is always treasured that extra bit more by the receiver! Well Done.