Tote Bag with Zippered Opening

My friend Y saw the tote bag that I made for M and wanted one for her daughter. However, said friend is fussy (!!) and wanted a pocket on the front, a zipper opening on the top of the bag and it had to be big enough to fit A4 books.

The zipper part scared me so I put the whole thing off....for ages.

I ended up using this tutorial for the top zipper.

And here's what I ended up with.

Overall I'm happy with the bag, but the zip I used was too long. I also hope the bag itself isn't too big, it is on the large side but at least it will fit A4 books.

It was fiddly to top stitch and therefore it isn't as neat as I would like but I had trouble getting the bag through my machine, especially the end parts of the zipper. I've only sewn bags on mum's machine before so I was a bit (read: very!) annoyed that my machine didn't seem up to the task.

A pencil roll was also requested so I made one up to match the bag. I've made lots of these pencil rolls after figuring out some measurements so that I can officially call this *my pattern* (yes it's basic but still!!)

Wow, no wonder I haven't blogged in so long, that just took forever to upload pics, seems a few things have changed with the Blogger format.....hmmm not so sure I like it :(