Presents for C

I really hope my beautiful little nephew enjoys these things I made for him. They were hand delivered to him interstate today, an unforgivable 2 months after his birthday. I'm sure at 3 years of age he didn't notice the absence of a gift from us on his actual birthday, but belated present giving was on my list of NY resolutions and it seems I still have some work to do in this department.

I wanted to make C a pair of Little Explorer pants and a matching Lazy Day Hat. Due to some major brain dysfunction on my part, the pants pattern and I just did not get along and I could possibly be the only person in the world that had trouble with this pattern (which I think is classed as easy). Now that I have finished the pants, I would agree that yes, this pattern is easy! I used the ribbon trick and added a little piece to show the back of the pants. Unfortunately I ran out of time to put together the hat, even though the pieces are cut out and sitting here waiting to be sewn. I will finish it this week and post it up instead.

I had C in mind when I posted about the texta roll. You will be pleased to know that the display textas were replaced with brand new textas, perhaps his mum would have preferred crayons though? Personally, I always thought textas were more fun when I was a kid ;-)

And last but not least is the reversible Superhero Cape. When I saw this tute I knew I had to make it for C. I'm so glad I made this last weekend when G took the kids out for the afternoon (since I ended up running out of time to do the hat). It was an easy little project but I was nervous about drawing out my own neck shape. I copied the tute as best I could and it turned out quite well. I loved using the felt and fusbile web. It also gave me my first opportunity to try applique which was much easier on the straight lines and a bit tricky around the curves. Again, I'm really happy with the cape and will have to make a couple for my kids and they will also make fantastic gifts, more things to make for the present box!

And thank you to my sister in law for her fabulous compliments on my sewing, it was so nice to hear such fantastic feedback on the presents.

Texta Roll

Aren't crayon rolls so sweet!

I actually have someone in mind for the one I made tonight but his/her mummy may read this blog so I won't mention any names for now. I wasn't going to blog it but I just couldn't resist, I love the colours going on here.

I'll have to make a few of these up and put them in the present box since I think they would be the perfect addition to a present or even a gift all on its own.

The texta's in the pictures are display only (knicked from the kids stash), hence we have a texta roll and not a crayon roll ;-)

I used Novy's tute but forgot to pin the front pocket onto the inside fabric before sewing the lines in so instead of unpicking I pinned the pieces together and just stitched again.

Being the lover of interfacing that I am, I also interfaced one of the large fabric pieces.

The beautiful red ribbon was part of my goodies haul from Chris, thanks Chris!

I love the dotty fabric and love how it looks with the stripes. Next time I will use different fabrics for the inside and outside pieces, I would've killed for some yellow stars, why didn't I just grab a metre of that when I was buying the other fabric??

Rolled up

Unrolled, flap down



and the back

4 Li'ldarlins Hair Accessories Giveaway

Congratulations to Chris from 4 Li'l Darlins for the successful launch of her new website for beautiful bows and hair accessories. I know first hand how fantastic Chris' sewing is and when M's school bow arrives, I will be able to tell you how awesome her clips are too!

Chris is hosting a giveaway on her blog, a very generous one at that. Be sure to take a good look around the whole blog though because there are lots of clips, crochet hats, bows and headbands but also make sure you check out the sewing posts (which stopped at the start of June due to a sudden clip and bow post explosion LOL) and you will see how clever and creative Chris is.

Mention this giveaway on your blog for an extra entry into the draw and at the same time you will be helping to support Chris in her new and exciting venture :-)

Happy Birthday E

Last Saturday night, mum suggested I make a bag for E's birthday on Wednesday. It was a bit last minute, but how could I say no? E is a beautiful friend of mum's who I claim as *my* friend too :-D

With a full day already planned for Sunday, I whizzed off to Spotlight for some fabric on Sunday morning, knowing only that E liked "earthy" colours. I would have much preferred to order some fabric from Etsy but alas, not enough time.

I loved the combination I chose but then halfway through the bag I started having doubts that it would suit E's tastes. On completion of the bag, I changed my mind again and love the choice of fabric. (That is the Libran in me!)

I wanted the bag to be really structured so I used a heavy interfacing on the lining and then sewed pellon on top of that. It was fusible pellon but I didn't realise you can't fuse pellon onto interfacing, hence why I had to baste it in first. At least now my fear of using pellon has been confronted.

Both fabrics were furnishing fabrics which helped to add body to the bag. The weight of the fabric combined with the interfaced lining and the pellon made for a very thick bag. I'm glad I left such a wide gap in the lining for the turn through. I was dreading sewing the straps in but was surprised at how my (ok my mum's) machine handled it. It was thick and sometimes needed a hand but overall it did a great job.

I'm disappointed with the length of the zipper, I bought one a tad too small and can hardly fit my hand into the pocket. Maybe E can keep a 50 stashed in there for emergencies.

Other than the zipper, I love this bag. I love the size of it (not too big, not too small) and I loved making it. I think I was so much more confident making this bag more so than the Dick and Jane bag that I made for the bag swap and will definitely be using this pattern again.

Thank you so much to Emma for sharing this pattern with me.


This has got to be blogged before my first day back at sewing class today!!

This was a project selected for the class by our lovely and very talented teacher, Ruth. Apparently pyjama's are deemed a "forgiving" project for beginner sewers ;-)

I didn't want to blog my pj's until they were completely finished. Since the end of sewing class about 3 weeks ago, all I needed to do was sew the buttons on. I avoided doing it until last night and really have no idea why I put it off so long. It took me all of half an hour and then my pj's were done. Finished. Finally!

Excuse the fact that they're not ironed, at least they have buttons.



Dick and Jane Bag

I am really excited to show off the bag I made for the bag swap.

Everyone in the swap put forward their likes and dislikes for the bag that they would be receiving. I tried to make my bag with the following things in mind.

* Casual
* Medium size
* Worn over the shoulder
* Bright colours like red's and blue's
* No yellow
* Retro!

I originally bought some red Antique Treasures fabric from Spotlight (which I love) but following some further research as to the meaning of "retro" I decided I was way off the mark and purchased some full on retro Dick and Jane fabric from this fabulous Etsy seller instead. I LOVE the Dick and Jane fabric and thought it was the perfect opportunity to use it. After all, what is more retro than that?

I found this bag pattern that I really liked so proceeded to make a trial bag using the fabric I originally purchased from SL. I was happy with how it turned out but knew I wanted to

1 - use a lighter interfacing on the contrast band around the top of the bag
2 - make it a 2 handle bag instead of 1
3 - add a zippered pocket

There were many attempts with the zippered pocket but I got there in the end and was so proud of myself :D I was, however, disappointed in one side of the bag. I wanted each side to look completely different but I only cut 1 square across whereas I should have turned the fabric around completely for a different pattern altogether. This resulted in one side having the words D&J perfectly lined up with the pleat between the words and the other side being off centre :-( That is my only disappointment with the bag.

Overall I was really pleased with the bag. If it just so happens that the recipient of my D&J bag decides it isn't in fact suited to their taste, please don't just pop it in a cupboard, contact me for all expenses paid return postage details...please!

Unfortunately I couldn't cut this out again since I'd already messed it up once already :-(

and this is the trial bag I made with the Antique Treasures fabric I bought for the actual bag before deciding to go with the Dick and Jane fabric instead. I saw someone else in the swap use this fabric but in the blue print, lovely!

$40p/m Japanese Cotton

Would require you to double check all of your measurements and to cut carefully!! That is why I prefer to use more economical fabrics, such as this pillowcase from Dimmey's, which cost me $2 for the set. Go Dimmey's.

My pillowcase dress ended up with some side splits because I unpicked the bit that slips over the pillow. I like it. Thanks to Chris for the orange ribbon which was part of my goody pack from the bag swap.

Don't look too close, it's rough in places. Lucky I wasn't using Japanese cotton.

Sweet Little Dress

After hearing some great reviews on the Leila & Ben Sweet Little Dress pattern, I went ahead and ordered it. It really is a sweet little dress and I wanted to make one. I think I am a very slow sewer as this dress ended up taking me the whole day to finish. I am also easily distracted which wouldn't have helped.

I found the sleeves a bit fiddly when I was trying to do the casings right under the arm, I haven't heard anyone else mention it being fiddly, perhaps it was just me? I'm wondering too if I missed the bit where it said to iron the casings and hem on both body pieces? I did it on both sleeves but only did it on one of the body pieces. Next time I will iron all the spots that require hemming or a casing.

Here's what I ended up with, it's a size 5.

Giveaway from Make It Perfect

Everyone loves a giveaway so why not post about the Make It Perfect giveaway on your blog and

1) Let everyone know that there is a gorgeous new boys pattern to be won


2) Double your chances of winning. Anyone posting about the giveaway on their blog gets two entries into the draw.

What are you waiting for??

Stash Additions

From SL earlier this week (can you tell I have a daughter?) I always thought I was a stripes girl, but looking at this, I think I am actually a dots girl.

And a conservative purchase from my local fabric shop today. There were several retro/vintage style fabrics, all gorgeous but I had to restrain and I chose only 3, plus some BOY fabric whooohoooo H might just get something after all LOL

My Bonus Bag, Lucky Me

As if one beautiful bag wasn't enough! Thank you so much Emma, you honestly didn't have to do anything in return, like I said, I could spend hours fabric shopping and loved getting you some boy fabric to use.

I love that both bags that I received were completely different and I love them both. I think the tissue holder is such a handy little item and want to make one now too.

How awesome is the personalised label!! Very, very cool ;-)

Thank you SO much Emma!!

Whoops, I didn't put a card in for the person I sewed for, now I know for next time. Here is the cute card Emma popped in with my bag.

It's Opening Day!!

Finally the big day has arrived. I feel so lucky and special, the goodies I received were beyond generous and the bag in itself is completely gorgeous! I love it and want to say a big thank you to the very talented Chris for sewing it for me. I only know Chris through our internet beginners sewing group and I don't know her that well but what I do know is that Chris is SUPER busy with 4 young children and a brand new business making gorgeous hair accessories. I also know that Chris spends many late nights and is often up until the early hours of the morning working on her new business so thank you Chris for finding the time to sew my beautiful bag. The extra goodies you included were a complete surprise and extremely appreciated, I love it all, thank you!

And so, without further ado, here is my haul.

Miss M's eyes lit up when she saw the doggy fabric, I've already got a couple of ideas for it. There is a beautiful piece of Robert Kaufman fabric with lots of red in it which I love and I couldn't believe the gorgeous, and not to mention, huge piece of Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric, oh I feel so lucky, I've never owned AB fabric before!!! I love the copy of Homesewn, I've never read a sewing magazine before and can't wait to have a proper look through it and try some of the projects in it.

Oh and I also love the card Chris sent, it's a beautiful card and I must ask Chris where she got it from. Chris you also have beautiful handwriting LOL!

Opening Day Eve

Tomorrow is opening day for the bag swap challenge, I am sooooo excited. The bag from my swap person arrived today and it FEELS awesome LOL. I *think* there might be a big button on the front of it....

I was also very lucky and surprised to receive another parcel at the same time as my swap bag today. I recently enjoyed doing some fabric shopping for a new cyber friend who lives in a small town with extremely few fabric shops (one!) I loved doing it and you can check out the haul I got for Emma here.

What is inside these post bags???

A Killer Skirt

We joke in sewing class that sewing is an extreme sport. Last night proved that either A) sewing is indeed just that or B) I am just plain stupid!

The bulb blew on my machine. It was late. I didn't think. I started hacking away with a screwdriver forgetting I was still plugged in and switched on. Next thing there is a spark and a bang and the electricity goes out. I sat there a bit stunned and then realised that if it weren't for the clipsal safety switch, I might have been sizzled! It turns out that I didn't even need a screwdriver to get the bulb out *sigh*

So this really is one killer skirt and was made using this tute and I added a ribbon hem, really just an adult version of the Lazy Days Skirt.

and please excuse the mess in the background, I have kids!

Oh and I think that from options A and B.....B is correct LOL

A Hat

A hat has been on the to do list for a while now. I love the Lazy Day Hats by Make it Perfect but thought it best to try a free sun hat tute before buying a pattern. My hat is a cross between using this and this. It's quite a floppy hat so I trimmed mine a lot because I was using fabric to suit a boy. The floppiness would work for a girl though and apparently I'm making one for M tonight LOL.

I found it fairly quick and easy and that is enough to justify going forth and purchasing said pattern ;-)

Here is the finished product. I made it reversible and love the look of the denim side. I'm hoping it will fit my nephew, yes, I should've taken his head measurement before starting, oops!

Denim side

Plane side

and here is M selecting her hat fabric!

Little Munchkins Giveaway

There were several reasons I started sewing a few months ago. I somehow stumbled onto sewing blogs and loved looking at all of the creations people were making and the gorgeous fabrics being used. I still remember the first time I came across a post on a parenting forum from the writer of the Little Munchkins blog. Novy was asking for opinions on a jacket she had made, it was this jacket here. My eyes almost fell out of my head, what a beautiful jacket! From then on I began following Novy's blog, she is so talented and now it seems I can add generous to the list. Novy is giving away 2 Oliver + S patterns, with the winner being able to choose either the boy or girl pattern. Oliver + S are the brains behind the ever so simple Lazy Day Skirts. I've also recently stumbled across this pattern and would love to make the playsuit version of the teaparty sundress. So checkout Novy's blog and leave a comment for your chance to win one of these gorgeous patterns, even better, tell your cyber buddies about it on your blog and double your chances of winning by getting 2 entries. Good luck!