A Killer Skirt

We joke in sewing class that sewing is an extreme sport. Last night proved that either A) sewing is indeed just that or B) I am just plain stupid!

The bulb blew on my machine. It was late. I didn't think. I started hacking away with a screwdriver forgetting I was still plugged in and switched on. Next thing there is a spark and a bang and the electricity goes out. I sat there a bit stunned and then realised that if it weren't for the clipsal safety switch, I might have been sizzled! It turns out that I didn't even need a screwdriver to get the bulb out *sigh*

So this really is one killer skirt and was made using this tute and I added a ribbon hem, really just an adult version of the Lazy Days Skirt.

and please excuse the mess in the background, I have kids!

Oh and I think that from options A and B.....B is correct LOL


  1. Razzle Dazzle, love your killer skirt Vik, very sweet indeed and you have the retro funk attitude to carry it off beautifully :) Does Miss M get a matching skirt too! *hehe* :) Great job, remember your OH&S next time! Mel xox

  2. Fantastic!
    I have my sewing on the kitchen table at the moment but nothing is coming out!

    Glad you are still around to tell the light bulb story!

  3. Oh I love it!! I want one lol!! That is stunning .. well done!

  4. LOL yep I'll be extra careful from now on, who'd have thought sewing could be so deadly??

  5. awesome skirt, looks great on you!

  6. Love it, it looks great on you too Vik. Oh I wish I could sew, your creations are just amazing.