Dick and Jane Bag

I am really excited to show off the bag I made for the bag swap.

Everyone in the swap put forward their likes and dislikes for the bag that they would be receiving. I tried to make my bag with the following things in mind.

* Casual
* Medium size
* Worn over the shoulder
* Bright colours like red's and blue's
* No yellow
* Retro!

I originally bought some red Antique Treasures fabric from Spotlight (which I love) but following some further research as to the meaning of "retro" I decided I was way off the mark and purchased some full on retro Dick and Jane fabric from this fabulous Etsy seller instead. I LOVE the Dick and Jane fabric and thought it was the perfect opportunity to use it. After all, what is more retro than that?

I found this bag pattern that I really liked so proceeded to make a trial bag using the fabric I originally purchased from SL. I was happy with how it turned out but knew I wanted to

1 - use a lighter interfacing on the contrast band around the top of the bag
2 - make it a 2 handle bag instead of 1
3 - add a zippered pocket

There were many attempts with the zippered pocket but I got there in the end and was so proud of myself :D I was, however, disappointed in one side of the bag. I wanted each side to look completely different but I only cut 1 square across whereas I should have turned the fabric around completely for a different pattern altogether. This resulted in one side having the words D&J perfectly lined up with the pleat between the words and the other side being off centre :-( That is my only disappointment with the bag.

Overall I was really pleased with the bag. If it just so happens that the recipient of my D&J bag decides it isn't in fact suited to their taste, please don't just pop it in a cupboard, contact me for all expenses paid return postage details...please!

Unfortunately I couldn't cut this out again since I'd already messed it up once already :-(

and this is the trial bag I made with the Antique Treasures fabric I bought for the actual bag before deciding to go with the Dick and Jane fabric instead. I saw someone else in the swap use this fabric but in the blue print, lovely!


  1. Awesome bag. I love the fabric, and I love what you did with the red lining. I also like the blue zipper with the inner part of the pocket being blue as well.

  2. ahhh! you are the queen, I am terrified of zippers.
    these bags are fantastic Vic, where did you source the Dick and Jane fabric?

  3. Thanks so much girls!

    Lynda, hardly the queen but thank you anyway LOL. Here is the link to the Etsy seller that I bought my fabric from. Be warned there are lots of nice fabrics in her shop so be careful!! LOL


  4. What a great bag. The fabric is fantastic!!! I love it.

  5. You did a beautiful job Vik, you've really taken to sewing with pizazz and talent :) I was so excited to see the same jane & dick fabric at my local fabric store that I couldn't resist buying some inspired by your work! Well done beautiful! Mel xox

  6. that is awesome, I love it (sorry clicked on your blog from EB, I'm mummymummymummy)

  7. It's a gorgeous bag, you have done such a good job. Thank you for making it for me.

  8. Both your bags are gorgeous. Well done.

  9. Gorgeous!! Your taste in fabric is fantastic Vik, I love this bag.