Goodie Bags

Miss M, my beautiful, sweet, funny, smart, kind, light of my life daughter turned 6 this week. She had such a lovely birthday and today she had a party.

A month or so ago I started playing around making yoyo's and as I kept making them I thought they would be perfect for M's party bags. It was good to just plod along and make them when I had some spare time here and there.

Then, a few nights ago, I thought it would be great to actually make the party bags. A while back I picked up a bag of 8" long zippers for 50c at the op shop so the whole idea was based on those zips. Since I already had plenty of fabric and had a tute in mind that I wanted to try, it all made sense.

The bags aren't perfect, my zip ends don't quite push up and out enough, I would love to know what the secret is to get them looking better. Otherwise, I was really happy with how they all turned out.

Each pouch had contrast lining

The yoyo's have grown on me, the more I made the better my fabric and button matching became. I sewed the yoyo's to the hairclips in 3 different places to be triple sure they were nice and secure. Annoying and boring (hate hand sewing) but worth it.

I really wanted to give M's friends something sweet and special to say thank you for her lovely gifts. I didn't want any plastic type toys in the bags either and hope the girls will wear their clips and use their pouches. They actually look a lot like pencil cases and are a great size for all sorts of things - hair ties, ribbons, texta's....

Here are the goodies we put in each bag

The ties on the zips were a last minute decision, I thought it would help smaller fingers open the pouches and I also liked the dash of contrast colour it gives each bag.

Happy birthday to my gorgeous girl!

Before the party....

and after the party (looking a little overwhelmed!)

Handmade Kids Giveaway

Lots of generous giveaways happening atm!

Handmade Kids are having a mega Christmas giveaway with boy or girl packs up for grabs. Lots of beautiful items in each pack, I am eyeing off the boys goodies. Good luck!

Retromummy's Giveaway

Another super generous giveaway by Retromummy, such beautiful fabric that would look really great sitting on top of my fabric stash ;-)

Have a look around Corrie's blog while you're there, always lots of beautiful things to see.

My Lucky Day!!

I was so shocked when I read a comment on my blog from the super talented Chelsea of Vintage Chic fame, telling me I had won something on her blog.

I was most likely blog surfing late one night and came across this fabulous giveaway on Chelsea's blog (see entry on Oct 2nd). With over 200 comments including mine, I didn't even give it a second thought, until Chelsea got in touch with me by leaving a comment on my blog to tell me I had won one of her Pink Fig Pattern Packs - OMG wooohooo!!

They have arrived and I can't wait to make.....oh no, which one first?

Thank you SO MUCH Chelsea :-D

Gorgeous Giveaway

Perhaps you know a beautiful little boy or you even have one of your very own who is the right size for this gorgeous little play suit being given away by the lovely Emma.

I'm not sure which is cuter, the suit or little baby Dotty?? Either way, be sure to enter this giveaway for your chance to win this very sweet little suit which was made using one of the very popular Oliver + S patterns.

Happy Belated Birthday Master B

Here are the presents I made for my beautiful nephew's first birthday. Another backpack (my 3rd) and another pair of Little Explorer pants (I've lost count).