Texta Roll

Aren't crayon rolls so sweet!

I actually have someone in mind for the one I made tonight but his/her mummy may read this blog so I won't mention any names for now. I wasn't going to blog it but I just couldn't resist, I love the colours going on here.

I'll have to make a few of these up and put them in the present box since I think they would be the perfect addition to a present or even a gift all on its own.

The texta's in the pictures are display only (knicked from the kids stash), hence we have a texta roll and not a crayon roll ;-)

I used Novy's tute but forgot to pin the front pocket onto the inside fabric before sewing the lines in so instead of unpicking I pinned the pieces together and just stitched again.

Being the lover of interfacing that I am, I also interfaced one of the large fabric pieces.

The beautiful red ribbon was part of my goodies haul from Chris, thanks Chris!

I love the dotty fabric and love how it looks with the stripes. Next time I will use different fabrics for the inside and outside pieces, I would've killed for some yellow stars, why didn't I just grab a metre of that when I was buying the other fabric??

Rolled up

Unrolled, flap down



and the back


  1. You are so on **FIRE** right now with your sewing Vik, the fabric is GORGEOUS and crayon/texta/pen rolls are fabulous, they make AMAZING gifts :) I've also seen them done for the mums/dads as cutlery picnic set rolls *hehe* ... Congrats, another wonderful notch on your sewing belt! What a great journey, think when you look bag on your blog to see where you have come from and what you are achieving :) Best get going to work! Love Mel xox

  2. Well done love it!!! I LOVE that fabric too, you have great taste!!!!!!!
    The reason you took so long to make this is because I keep asking you questions *SORRY*!!!! I will leave you alone today promise....LOL!!!!
    Mel-Great idea about the cutlery/picnic roll!!!!!!!!!
    Well done Vik-I am thinking of copying you again on this one!!!!!!

  3. Well I love it I think it looks awesome!!!! I will swap you some bows, for a couple of these!!!!