Stash Additions

From SL earlier this week (can you tell I have a daughter?) I always thought I was a stripes girl, but looking at this, I think I am actually a dots girl.

And a conservative purchase from my local fabric shop today. There were several retro/vintage style fabrics, all gorgeous but I had to restrain and I chose only 3, plus some BOY fabric whooohoooo H might just get something after all LOL


  1. LOVE your new material! Cant wait to see your creations :-)

  2. Wow Vik, who has been spending Rare Bears money! LOL (for the price of one trip there you could really whip a few things! ) Gorgeous material!

    Gorgeous fabrics.
    Oh an d thanks for the reality pill what have I done!!!! ! I am such a Nigel no friends I think the challenge is getting 5 people to sign up! LOL

  3. LOL I often wonder if anyone reads my blog too, perhaps do a giveaway and watch your readers crawl out of the woodwork. PS I hate playcentres!! PPS I will do your challenge if I *really* have to ;-)