Sweet Little Dress

After hearing some great reviews on the Leila & Ben Sweet Little Dress pattern, I went ahead and ordered it. It really is a sweet little dress and I wanted to make one. I think I am a very slow sewer as this dress ended up taking me the whole day to finish. I am also easily distracted which wouldn't have helped.

I found the sleeves a bit fiddly when I was trying to do the casings right under the arm, I haven't heard anyone else mention it being fiddly, perhaps it was just me? I'm wondering too if I missed the bit where it said to iron the casings and hem on both body pieces? I did it on both sleeves but only did it on one of the body pieces. Next time I will iron all the spots that require hemming or a casing.

Here's what I ended up with, it's a size 5.


  1. Looks great Vik, very colourful and M will be able to wear all sorts of long sleeved colour tops and leggins with this material during winter to brighten up her day :) Will be gorgeous in summer too! Good on you!

  2. Well done Vik - great job on the dress. I missed the part too about ironing the casings of the sleeves. DH said I should read things carefully rather than skimming!

  3. slow sewer? I think not! I have that title!