A Hat

A hat has been on the to do list for a while now. I love the Lazy Day Hats by Make it Perfect but thought it best to try a free sun hat tute before buying a pattern. My hat is a cross between using this and this. It's quite a floppy hat so I trimmed mine a lot because I was using fabric to suit a boy. The floppiness would work for a girl though and apparently I'm making one for M tonight LOL.

I found it fairly quick and easy and that is enough to justify going forth and purchasing said pattern ;-)

Here is the finished product. I made it reversible and love the look of the denim side. I'm hoping it will fit my nephew, yes, I should've taken his head measurement before starting, oops!

Denim side

Plane side

and here is M selecting her hat fabric!


  1. Looks great Vik, was the pattern easy to understand? I was looking at it the other day LOL ... You'll be able to do a mass hat present bundle for summer! *hehe* Mel xox

  2. Thanks Mel. Yep, super easy, I pretty much just winged it. Made 2 hats, put one inside the other, stitched around the outside leaving a gap to pull one hat through the other then blind stitched the gap close. Hmmm perhaps I should've put that in the blog LOL. I can see Jaida cakes in one of these, you should give it a go ;-)

  3. A hat! OMG you are getting ambitious! Hopefully I will have something to post very soon in the sewing area as I have been sewing (and unpicking and sewing and unpicking- I need to get back to Ruth!)