Tail Improvements

I unpicked the tail. I took the stuffing out of it. I cut some coathanger wire and put it in the tail. I re-stuffed the tail (less stuffing this time). I re-attached the tail and put some bends in it. I am now happy with the tail :-D

Here she is, my little dalmatian.

I also ended up making a quicky skirt for her to wear when she took the suit off so she could still be dressed up for the day but the suit was on almost all day anyway.


  1. Well done Vik - the revised tail is great. You are one of 'those' mums

  2. Looks great, love the idea of the little skirt (you could make one of those yourself and visit the "ice bar" in melbourne! (lol)) I'm putting you in charge of costume making for our trip away with the gals next year! *rofl* ... Well done!! YOU ROCK! (and you know it!) lol ...

  3. OH Vik looks great, and you DD looks so proud to be wearing it too.........Great job.