Simplicity 4589

On completion of my pyjama's I enrolled to do a second 8 week sewing course. Instead of making the same thing as the other girls, this time we were all able to choose our own pattern. I started pattern surfing and found a few I liked and finally decided on this pattern after finding that it had its very own Flickr group! There are even more photos of tops made from this pattern floating around in Flickr.

I didn't find it as simple as the pattern title implies and was glad to have my sewing teacher, Ruth, alongside to guide me through it.

Now that it's done I can see that the neck isn't quite as rounded on one side as it should be. Apart from that I'm pretty happy with it. I would make it one size bigger next time and I added the contrast band at the bottom as I felt it was a little short on me. I did mean to cut it out longer but totally forgot to so next time I will try and remember to add some length before cutting into my fabric.

A big thank you to Chris for the beautiful Amy Butler fabric which was part of my goodie pack in the bag swap. Thanks Chris!


  1. Great top love it.....Love the colours too.......

  2. Love the top. You're inspiring me to maybe, maybe actually sew something for myself instead of just talking about it. Great idea with the band too.