A Sweet Little Set for a 1st Birthday

I've had my eye on this dotty fabric for a while now and thought it would look super cute as a trim on the Little Explorer pants. I hope Mr 1 year old and his mum love this little set which will be perfect for next summer, since we are already halfway through winter.

Another attempt at applique, this time around a square instead of superhero logo's. I thought a square would be easier (straight lines) but of course the stitches were so much more obvious on this little bodysuit than they were on the cape, which you had to look very closely at to notice any imperfections. I didn't know how to zigzag neatly around the corners and ended up starting new stitching for each edge (nowhere near as nice). I think next time I will turn the sides under to avoid fraying. I used fusible web and I thought it would *seal* the edges but it didn't and it ever so slightly started to fray but won't the zigzag stop that anyway??

Feel free to come forth with any tips to enlighten me on the art of applique.

I had a much easier run with the pants this time and will definitely be making more of these little sets, they are just too cute!

I LOVE this little tag!!

It will be good to do more applique and get better at it


  1. That's very sweet set Vik, are the pants a stretch denim as well? The tag is cute! You've done well with your square on your t-shirt, I noticed on Jaxons' singlets (bond singlet material) from his CGR nappy sets, they do turn the edges of the cotton material to applique on, over slightly so the material doesn't fray (you probably noticed the difference in sewing the felt applique on the capes to the material on the top?)

    I found when I did satin applique I'd have to fold it over as well as it just frayed all over the place on me! LOL

    My machine also has an applique/blanket stitch on it that I use now, originally I also just used a fine zig zag (which works just as well.)

    I noticed on this applique the stitching is a lot heavier ..


    I haven't tried it, I know the applique's I did on Jaida's tops for the flipsy, the material was really good, whether you make your square slightly bigger to start with, do the fusible webbing, then cut the square back by about 1/4 inch all round and then zig zag on? I'm sure the more "advanced" girls will have more beneficial tips, but FABULOUS WORK!!! love the dots/spots!!

    *HUGS* Mel ~ who always loves your work xox

  2. That is super cute-Way to go....I would be interested to know about applique as well??
    Love the tag too!!!!!!