This has got to be blogged before my first day back at sewing class today!!

This was a project selected for the class by our lovely and very talented teacher, Ruth. Apparently pyjama's are deemed a "forgiving" project for beginner sewers ;-)

I didn't want to blog my pj's until they were completely finished. Since the end of sewing class about 3 weeks ago, all I needed to do was sew the buttons on. I avoided doing it until last night and really have no idea why I put it off so long. It took me all of half an hour and then my pj's were done. Finished. Finally!

Excuse the fact that they're not ironed, at least they have buttons.




  1. I always put off doing buttonholes. Nice PJs :)

  2. well done.

    I really have to get back to Ruth or i will never leave being a beginner sewer.

    what are you making now?

  3. Well done, they look great!

  4. Thanks girls :-D

    Lynda, everyone gets to make whatever they want this term. I'm making a top, it's an easy pattern so I'm hoping get a few made. Not the most challenging project, easy and fun though.