Wine Tote

My friend's mother in law is currently visiting Australia from New Zealand. Each of my friend's 3 kids own something that I have sewn for them so naturally sewing came up in conversation the other day.

She asked me if I would mind making her a bag to carry her wine in since the bottle in the brown paper bag just isn't the look she is going for.

Off I went in search of a tute. I couldn't find anything I liked the look of so decided to try Flickr instead. I found this lovely wine tote which led me to a blog where I found the tute to make it.

I agree with penny carnival that the bag isn't quite snug enough around the bottle. I'm about to make another one and hopefully I can adjust the measurements (without messing up the whole thing) and make it a tighter fit.

Here is my version made with decor weight fabric for both exterior and lining and a layer of pellon in between. It was the first time I've had to square off a bottom and it totally did my head in and I'm still not sure if I've done it right (the bottom of my bag looks different to the one in the tute).


Sorry about the blurry photo but I wanted to put in a shot of the bag in action


  1. oh good job, nicely she loves it

  2. Well done Vik, you are certainly becoming very versatile and adaptable in your sewing journey. Did you have to use "gussets" to create the square bottom look? I remember doing them on a tote to give it that feel. Either way, well done, I hope you are proud in your accomplishment, certainly a versatile gift (put that on the list for christmas with your fav bottle of wine for friends.!)

  3. You won something on my blog!