Caroline Dress

I have been wanting to make the Caroline Dress for ages now and with 2 more birthday parties this weekend and the need to move on from popover sundresses, what better opportunity. The Caroline Dress is another great pattern from Frog Legs and Ponytails.

I loved making the Amelia Shirt (also by Frog Legs and Ponytails). It was a great beginner's pattern and I can now vouch for the Caroline being just as easy with a fabulous end result.

I made this dress for Miss P's birthday party tomorrow. I am pretty sure she likes purple and when I think about it, she is more of a purple girl than a pink girl. M, (P's mum), if you are reading this, pretend you didn't see it LOL!

I used my overlocker (serger for the international readers) and was having problems with the thread hanging off the edge. I was dreading tweaking the knobs and dials for fear of messing things up too much. I ended up adjusting the cutting knife dial and it worked! So the side seam on the main body isn't perfect but I was really happy with every other edge I overlocked. I also didn't know what to do with the tails of the overlocked threads so I did a google and found this website that had some really helpful photos. I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered that I actually had a large needle with a blunt end. The tails look so much better tucked into the seam like that.

I also want to practice starting and finishing overlocking a circular piece of fabric. After another google I found this tip. I cut more of a rectangle chunk out of my fabric (will try more of a notch next time) and it looks a bit messy where I have tried to finish it off but it's all trial and error I will get there eventually!

This has been a long post, time for some pics.


  1. This is very nice Vik :) I've now also seen this design dress with ties on both shoulders rather than just on one which also looks very nice (must try that next time). Fabric is very soft and dainty. Well Done.

  2. Looks great Vik. Love the purple

  3. Vik, the dress is gorgeous and I didn't see your blog until after she opened her present so it was a good surprise. And, yes, she is more of a purple girl than pink. Thanks so much, it is beautiful. xx

  4. Oh I'm so glad you both like it :D Hey guess where I just booked M's birthday party LOL!! Thanks so much for this morning, M loved it. Would love to grab an action shot of P in the dress if you don't mind (and when you get a chance) x