Another Popover Sundress

I'm officially over making these! There are so many things I want to try sewing that when I'm making something for the 3rd time I just want to finish it because I'm itching to start on the next thing. Does that sound like someone who is new to sewing or what?!

Having said that, I love how this little sundress turned out. I made it for Miss R's 5th birthday party today and secretly (or not so secretly now) wish I could have kept it for my Miss M. I love love love the brown and pink combo and the dots are just too cute.

The headband is the icing on the cute cake don't you think?

Oh yes, there will be more popover sundresses and headbands, after all, there is another party next weekend yet to sew for.

Please excuse my little man, your eyes haven't failed you, he does indeed not have any pants on. I have deemed this photo ok for viewing since you can't see any of his dangly bits. I have deemed the photo of him peeing on the grass not so suitable and have therefore not uploaded that one!


  1. For someone who wasn't drawn to the popover dress instantly, I think you have a mild gratification for it now :) Myah looks divine :) Hamish is just too cute :)

  2. another one! This girl will have an extensive wardrobe this summer!

  3. Lynda, my Miss M is only modelling this for me, the last 2 popover's have been birthday presents (unfortunately for her!)

  4. awwwww - I love the polka dots fabric. Gorgeous. I love pink and chocolate together. Well done. The flipsy skirt is fabulous too and I love the fabric you used. They are great gifts.