Opening Day - What I Made

When I found out I was sewing for one of Mel's kids, I knew I wanted to sew for Jaxon. My first idea was to make a magnetic fishing game but I think in the end time got away from me so I started looking for other ideas. I absolutely love reading vegbee's blogblueprints, she has heaps of fabulous ideas and the most amazing bit is, she has only been sewing for about 3 years, amazing!

A tutorial for a toddler backpack was posted at the start of October and I thought it was so cute and looked perfect for Jaxon. So away I went.

I was so pleased with the result and so was my little man, H. I couldn't resist H's plea's for it so gave in and said he could have it. I wasn't happy with the stitching on one of the straps so felt better about giving it to H instead of sending it to my swap partner. The "pack pack" as he calls it has gone everywhere with us which made me even more excited that Jaxon would surely love his just as much.

I love the egg shape of the bag and also that it has no clasp therefore allowing little hands to easily get things in and out. It's all about independence!

H wearing the backpack which ended up being his

Backpack V2 for Jaxon

Both boys' backpacks side by side, H's on the left, Jaxon's on the right

I've wanted to make some bunting for ages and thought this would be the perfect little extra to pop into Jaxon's bag. I searched for a tute and found this tutorial from a blog which has fast become a new favourite to read.

I was originally going to make the bunting only as long as Jaxon's name with the letters of his name on each flag but due to interfacing/shrivelling issues, that idea went out the window lol. The lengths of bias at each end aren't equal but it was strange, I really didn't care! I thought about fixing it but decided to leave it in case Mel ever needed to tie it to something. I'm sure if it bothers Mel she can easily fix it.

I would love to make bunting again but would use lightweight interfacing on each flag next time. I used a mixture of medium and light and the lightly interfaced flags are much nicer, I think the heavy weight interfacing makes them too thick. I'd also like to try turning the flags out next time instead of finishing them with pinking shears.

I cheated and bought my bias which I've never done before and wow, soooooooo great and cheap too without *wasting* so much fabric (that always annoys me, especially when it's the really nice, more expensive fabrics). I loved the idea of attaching the D rings which I saw on another blog I love to read, Badskirt's blog. I think next time I will make my triangles smaller and space them closer together, otherwise I'm happy with my first attempt at bunting :)

Mel thank you for such a fantastic blog entry thanking me for the gifts, I am so happy that you love them.


  1. FANTASTIC!!!!! Need I say more! Any person who is fortunate enough to receive a special sewing gift from our infamous seamstress here, is a privileged person indeed!! We will treasure and be reminded of the heart of gold behind our gift! *hugs* thank you Vik!!!!

  2. Awesome job Vik.........Bunting is now on my long list of to do's now!!!!!

  3. What a great job you have done. I have bookmarked both the backpack and the bunting - I am sure they will get a workout in the future.

  4. what fun gifts! love the bunting! such fun bright colors...maybe you would consider adding it to my flickr group:

    the backpack is super cute too, and isn't it soo easy? i loved the pattern. :D

  5. hey, that's great! you obviously have got some sort of sewing instinct going on!

    here's the blog I mentioned to you on cup day... quilts are fun, but lots of hard work- these just look sooooo good.