Caroline Dress V2

Here is the Caroline I made for tomorrow's party. The imperfections of the first Caroline Dress were probably not as noticeable this time around. I cut more of a notch than a chunk as a starting point for overlocking and I think the finish was a bit tidier. My hand stitching is terrible so this time I sewed the end of the tie closed instead. Not as nice a finish but it's hardly going to jump out at you. I am so glad I found the tip about tucking the thread tails back into the overlocked seam, makes for such a neat finish.

I don't even know tomorrow's birthday girl so I really hope she is into pink, I'm in trouble if she's not.

Unfortunately this was the best pic I could get of the dress being modelled


  1. This one looks as though you could wear it as top too lol .. kidding, great work :) How is the overlocker going?

  2. LOL I should have tried it on before giving it away