Opening Day - What I Received

Today is opening day for our beginners sewing group swap. I opted to sew one item for someone and in turn nominted my Miss M to receive a gift. I will blog what I sewed once I know it has been received and opened, so stay tuned!

I was a bit naughty and opened my present last night, about 1/2 hour before midnight so almost on the official opening day (close enough!) I was so excited to see a beautiful kitty cat made by the gorgeous Emma who has become a good cyber buddy of mine. (Emma was also kind enough to organise the swap, thank you Emma!)

Catty has a zipper on her tummy and is a PJ bag, awesome idea! She is so well sewn and was originally a pillow pattern that Emma adjusted to make into a PJ bag pattern - sooooo clever!

The kitty cat was nicknamed "Catty" by Emma's little boy, who fell in love with Catty and was very upset when she had to be packed up and sent away. Emma has shown me photos (which I'm sure she'll put on her blog) of her boys loving and playing with Catty.

Last night I put Catty into bed beside M and woke up to a very excited little girl who thought Santa or the Tooth Fairy had been to visit. It was love at first sight for M who is completely crazy about cats. She loves that Catty has dots all over her and for that reason is calling Catty a leopard. M has not put Catty down all morning and has even taken her to school with her today. Because Catty is quite big, she has prime position by the window next to the teacher's desk.

Emma you have made my little girl very happy indeed, Catty is beautiful and I know how hard it would have been to take her away from your little men who adored her. I assure you she will be very loved here in her new home - thank you!

Sorry, blurry pic, but this is M getting ready for school still holding Catty!

Multi tasking!


  1. Oh Vik glad she loved it, she is diffently female, Multi tasking gotta love it........OH and thank you for the kind words I love our chats....Can't wait for the day we can meet.........I have a tear in my eye you are too kind!!!!!!!

  2. Catty is just heavenly, what a lovley gift for a beautiful girl! Em, great sewing, Vik, beautiful blog entry!

  3. Catty looks like he is about to be stabbed with a biro!
    Wow you have been soooo busy!

    amazing line of work you are producing girl!

  4. Haha! No, luckily that is a comb!! You will have to join in on the next swap Miss P :)