Buttercup Bag

I kept stumbling across versions of this free Buttercup Bag pattern from Made by Rae so I decided I would make one.

M has been waiting very patiently for me to make her something out of some Tweety Bird fabric we bought from SL months ago, actually it was probably one of my very first fabric purchases.

I'm disappointed with the top band on the bag, why did it turn out so skinny?? I interfaced everything and sewed the strap in between the layers instead of sewing it onto the outside like the pattern says. The magnetic clasp is probably too strong for this little bag but I only had a large clasp on hand. I love love love the bright yellow stars used for the lining. It's the perfect sized bag for a child, I would like to try making it again though after enlarging the pattern, apparently 130% is a good size.

Miss M is very happy with her new bag. When I get a chance I will make her a skirt in the same Tweety Bird fabric, she loves Tweety!

Mmmmm nice, bright yellow!


  1. Vik, it looks great Love it!!!! Are you sure the band is supposed to be thicker??? It looks good the way it is!!!!!!!!!

  2. love it!! great job Vik!

  3. hey, great bag!
    I'm a fellow student down at Sew in Style... Ruth told me you had a blog and I think you're doing a great job!
    Just a quick question, where did you get the clasp for the bag? Is it one of those magnetic ones? Do I need to make *another* trip to spotlight any time soon???

  4. Hi Anthea, I popped in to see Ruth today, my daughter wanted to look at the Reptile Shop next door LOL.

    You're obviously local so just head down to Darn Cheap Fabric in Burgundy St, they have the magnetic clasps there. There is a big tray of bits and pieces on the counter, you will find the clasps in there :-)