Flipsy Skirt

I posted a pic of my Flipsy Skirt fabric way back in May when I first started sewing and blogging. I started making the skirt not long after but sadly it has been sitting in the corner for the last 3 months as a UFO.

I've made all of the loops for the skirt but the idea of sewing 20 buttons on has left me completely unmotivated to finish. I know it's not even going to be that bad to do, I just don't want to do it. The buttons I've got are all mismatched in pinks and greens and very cute.....I just don't want to do it! I know there are many Flipsy's out there minus loops, belts, buttons etc but I would like to *officially* finish this skirt.

As M was choosing something to wear to a birthday party today, the Flipsy popped into my head so I asked M if she wanted to wear it and she said....YES!

Then I decided how cute a matching headband would look with it (yep, loving these headbands) so I made one up and geez that felt good to be able to whip something up for her at the last minute (hey it was only a little something but still!)

I'll have to get a better photo of the flip side, it's the same fabric I used in the popover sundress here. Oh and I opted out of the stripey fabric altogether (what was I thinking?).

I tried to negotiate no socks, I lost.

Must take some better pics of the flip side


  1. AAWW Vik, you make awesome stuff.........LOL at the socks!!!! You DD is such a cutie..........

  2. You are on a ROLL woman with your SEWJO!!! (please send some my way!)

  3. I agree with Mel :) You are sewing some beautiful things and they're really inspiring. I'm off to start a new project thanks to your inspiration!

  4. Beautiful skirt and the cutest little girl!

    Anna x