Mistakes, the best way to learn

Remember the bag I made for Miss C? Well her sister, Miss R, loved it so much she requested one too. Off she went to the fabric shop with her mum to pick out some cutie pie fairy material. Up for a new challenge I surfed around for an improvement on my basic drawstring bags and found this. It looked, dare I say, fairly easy, so I gave it a shot and, well, I did more unpicking than sewing. I didn't realise the bag was more like a pouch so tried to make the whole thing bigger but it was a disaster and I got it all wrong so kept adjusting things as I went. I managed to get the square bottom on but then there was extra material and the sides didn't sew up evenly. To save my sanity I ditched the bottom and just sewed up the sides. I was really happy with the fact that it was reversible but the shape was just too funny and G even asked if I was going to keep his cricket bat in it lol. Determined not to let this bag get the better of me, I decided it had to be altered, after all, that's what sewing is all about right? So, after some more unpicking and cutting, I now have a bag that looks more like a hot water bottle cover than a cricket bat bag! Oh well, I will attempt a proper bag for Miss C tomorrow after I have bought some more fabric. I am really proud that it's reversible though so that is something great to get out of this project.



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