1 Week In

I've been sewing for a whole week now. In that short space of time I've made 5 drawstring bags otherwise known as library bags. I took the kids into the fabric shop tonight along with one of M's school friends, C. C fell in love with the shop and immediately pointed out a lovely floral fabric. I asked her if she would like me to make a bag for her in that fabric and her eyes lit up and she politely said "yes please", it was very cute.

As I was making it, I realised it was only thin material and out of nowhere came the bright idea to line it....what the?! Before I could change my mind, I grabbed an old bunny rug of H's and muddled my way through it.

It's not even close to perfect but again, I feel such satisfaction and pride it doesn't even matter. Besides, I think it looks perfect ;-)

I will load some pics tomorrow.

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