Bag Swap

A few weeks ago I signed up for my first ever sewing swap. It's a bag swap. The girls that have signed up have each received a person to sew a bag for. No-one knows who is sewing for who. Some girls have specified their likes and dislikes for what they hope to receive, others have simply asked that the person sewing for them chooses a pattern and fabric they love and to have fun with it.

I have finished my bag for the swap. Since I've only been sewing for a few months I decided to do a trial bag and have since finished my *real* bag for the swap. I'm really happy with it and hope my person likes it. I am dying to post some pics and run through the love/hate relationship I had with my bag but can't reveal anything until opening day, Friday 10th July. Some of the girls in the swap have posted sneak peaks on their blogs but since I've always been able to leave the presents under the tree until Christmas morning, I will wait until the 10th.


  1. Excellent,I can finally send you a comment!
    Well, I saw your skirt on Mia before I saw it on your blog! And how funny I bought the SAME fabric to make the SAME skirt about two months ago- but I haven't done it yet!

    Your sewing is going so well. I think we are at the same level. I am planning to go back to Ruth, I SO need help!

    Keep up the great work "hugs"

  2. I'm am absolutely positive that your bag will be nothing but the best - DIVINE!!!! You've taken so much care and your attention to detail will dazzle your recipient :)

    Mel xox

    P.S. Can you swap your archives around so that June comes before May at the top?? I seem to have missed your June posts! LOL

  3. Oh Lynda that is too funny, glad to hear Miss M is wearing her skirt around though LOL. I'm sticking with Ruth and have enrolled to do next term level 2, I need all the help I can get too! Which fabric do you mean, the blue dots or the orange?? I love them both :-)

  4. LOL Mel, yep will try and fix that up for you!