Arghhh No Internet!!

It's only been a few days but oh how I miss my internet. We won't have access at home until Wednesday so here I am getting a fix on a friends computer.

What is the upside of having no internet? Getting those boring little sewing jobs out of the way. This morning I had a pile of bitsy things to do, tonight it's gone!!

* I patched hubby's work jeans which truly have seen better days but alas, another patch has been added.

* I chopped the feet off H's fleecy sleepsuit and hemmed them so now they should last the winter.

* The elastic had gone in one of M's dress up princess skirts. Fixed, then worn for the rest of the afternoon (by her, not me LOL)

* 2 buttons sewn back on to M's school tunic. Old me would have done it the night before school started back, yay for me :-)

I don't get much sewing done when the kids are around unless I choose to sew with interruptions. They were pretty good this afternoon so when they both wanted to try some sewing I decided to encourage their interest in it. M has had a few goes on the machine before but of course H hasn't, he's only 2! I put the foot pedal on one of the kids little chairs so H could reach it and he actually did really well. The 2 bits of scrap fabric I cut for M ended up as a bag, she stitched all 3 sides and I added a handle for her. I'm so proud of her, she made her first bag! Here it is....

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