Lazy Days Skirt 3 & 4

Lazy Days Skirt numbers 3 & 4 and maybe the last for a while (maybe?). I love them all. I was really happy with both of these, I love the fabric, the colours, the ribbons...I hope the lucky birthday girl enjoys them and since she put one on straight away, I'm sure she will!

FRONT - I don't think the photo does justice to the true electric blue colour of the ribbon, it's so much better in real life

Showing the BACK, I tried to make the ribbon fold over neatly and be somewhat in proportion to the seam as opposed to my effort with the pink LD skirt. I was happy enough with this effort.

FRONT - I love the colours of this skirt and am so pleased I went with an orange ribbon for the hem - gorgeous!

The BACK almost matches up (it was a fluke). I found it so much easier using fabric with a consistent, even pattern, it made it even quicker to make than usual.

Scuze the black fluff on the skirt!

And here is the birthday girl in her new skirt. I'm glad she opened our present last because she kept wearing her presents as she opened them and as you can see, the skirt was the 3rd layer LOL


  1. These are fantastic chick! Love the colours, you have a good eye for matching them to the colours in the fabric. What cool skirts!

  2. Good work and very colourful. Love the orange ribbon!

  3. Divine! You have a great flair for matching colours that are vibrant, fun and funky for children!

  4. I love these skirts, so quick and easy. Love your fabric choices :)