Finally It's Finished

And I couldn't be happier! This project dragged on way too long.

I avoided working on it for fear of things like buttonholes which, as you can see, I avoided completely and cheated by using press studs. The interfaced insert doesn't quite fit properly and that definitely put me off working on it further.

On the flipside, I love my hemming effort and I love how the pink press studs turned out. I picked them up, along with a nice strong tool to replace the plastic one I used on the change wallet, at Lincraft so I guess that place is good for something! The new tool makes it easier to put the studs in too.

And I will add some action shots tomorrow of M in her new dress. Edited 2/7 to finally add a photo of M in her dress.


  1. So nice, the press studs on the shoulders look so well done and I LOVE the fabric you chose - that will suit M so well. Id be stoked if I could make something like this, cant believe you've only just started lol!

  2. Oh Carrie I was so in love with the fabric too but now I can't stand looking at it *cry* lol