Quilted Zipper Box Pouch

A couple of weeks ago I took mum along to a Moonlight Market. There was quite a big crowd there and a really good variety of stalls.

Mum was admiring some earrings by Belissima Glass but was unable to decide which colour pair she liked best so didn't buy anything. Now that I think about it, their prices are so affordable I'm not sure why she didn't just buy both pairs.  Since it was mum's birthday the next day (and I still hadn't got her anything - whoops) I sneaked (snuck?) back to the stall and bought the red pair that she first picked up and said she loved.

Perhaps it was all the creativity in the room, whatever the reason I decided to come home and make a little pouch to put the earrings in. I found this great tutorial for a zippered quilted box pouch. I've had a quick look at the rest of the blog and really enjoyed looking at all of Lolo's creations. How cute are her pleated pouches, the linen is beautiful. I love the overlocked edges on her checkbook covers too. Cute! Back to the pouch....

It was a really simple sew with a cute result. I'd probably use some interfacing next time, it's just not quite stiff enough but it's ok. I'd also sew a little loopy bit into one of the ends to pull on when you unzip it. Oh and it's unlined too which I figured mum wouldn't mind but a lined version would be good to do.

I'm not sure why my stitching looks orange?? It's red, like the print on the fabric. With a gift voucher from one of mum's favourite shops her present was ready. Happy birthday mum!


  1. I swear I posted a comment last night V. I love the box pouch. Such pretty fabric, I bet your mum loves it! I hope she had a wonderful birthday. After seeing your sewing efforts, I might have to try and find my sew-jo again.

  2. Thanks G. My sew-jo is there but the time just isn't - so frustrating. I hope you find your way back to the machine soon, always love seeing your creations.