Another Simplicity 4206

After adding a 3" contrast band to the first top and still thinking it needed to be a bit longer, I made this top adding an extra 1.5" to the main body and a 3.5" band at the bottom.  I went with the band again because I love using contrasting fabrics and decided to contrast the sleeves this time as well.  So if you ever use this pattern, as a guide it's probably best to allow an extra 5" or so for length (or maybe actually measure before you start!).

Another fabric from Spotlight (a while ago now) but I really love it, it was quite soft.  Am loving the birds and really ended up loving the earthy coloured tones. After all, I'm such a sucker for pink.

M's friend kindly modeled for me this time.  Without tears, no bribery required and she kept telling me how much she loved the top.  Why doesn't my daughter do that?? 

The back



  1. Cute! I have some of that faric somewhere - I must use it.

  2. Oh so (sew!) cute! I love girls in blue.

  3. I love those fabrics together. The birdy one is so cute!
    Just dropping by from Cass Can Sew... thanks for the follow xo