Tote Bags

Two of these bags were made on the weekend, the fireman bag for my little man and the hedgehog bag is for Miss C's birthday this weekend.

The pink one was made a few weeks ago for miss M to use as a library bag. The interior was fabric I had second thoughts of using halfway through my swap piece so really the bag was halfway made already.

I'm much happier with the fireman and hedgehog bags because the lining is interfaced whereas the pink bag has the exterior fabric interfaced and you can see the bubbling (un-smoothness if that is a word!) on it.

I am completely in love with the hedgehog fabric matched with the red dotty fabric, which kind of just *happened* as I was sorting through my stash. I wasn't too fussed with the hedgehog fabric (which I bought ages ago) but the further along I got with the bag, the more I fell in love and now I wish I had more.


  1. They are awesome!!!!!!!

  2. Oh I love the hedgehogs, so cute and not common! The bags are really nice :)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the fabrics you chose Vik, Im a sucker for red and polka dots. The hedgehogs are too cute, love the blue/aqua colour of the fabric too.

  4. Very sweet little bags - the perfect 'girl' and 'boy' bags.
    I love the hedgehogs an also how the bags can stand up on their own - great for making it easier for little folk to 'pack' them.

  5. Wow Vik, you have become the grand duchess of tote bags! They are amazing!

    Hey are you still sewing with Ruth? I have signed up for classes next term on Tuesday mornings with Helen...Now there is some me stuff!