Texta (Crayon) Roll

I wanted to make a little something extra to put with a birthday present I had bought for one of M's best friends. I left it completely until the last minute (this morning!) but remembered seeing a tutorial on the lovely Emma's blog that I have been wanting to try (thanks for sharing the tute Emma!)

I've made a texta/crayon roll before but this tutorial looked even quicker.

I am happy with how it turned out however I didn't like seeing the stitching on the back of the roll (since you just turn up the bottom part to make the pocket and stitch through that to make the texta/crayon pockets). I love the bias edging so will try modifying the way the roll is put together and come up with my own version. I used 1 layer of whisper weft interfacing and found it worked perfectly to give the roll the tiniest bit of body. Previously the interfacing I've used has made the roll much too stiff. I like rolls with the fold down top flap which ensures the texta's stay put. I don't see the point (at all!) of the rolls that don't have the top flap??

I'm happy with how it turned out and with the cute little notebook, I think it was a nice little extra pressie to go with the main present.

FWIW mum's seem to love these as presents for their kids. I'm not sure if they just haven't seen them before but whenever I've given them as presents, the mum's genuinely have the most fabulous reaction, it's great :)

On with the pics...

Unrolled without texta's (had to do a dash to the shops to buy a packet)

Back of the roll. See the stitching of all the pockets? I will modify it so that this is hidden next time

Unrolled with top flap down

Rolled up, filled with texta's and sitting on top of the cute little notebook


  1. Love it! Great fabric choices too :-)

  2. I must try this out! Great birthday pressies! Hey I think between us we can ensure a good percentage of Banyule kids have them heh heh! And the dresses look great, don't you love that pattern, I just drafted my own from my Aunt's directions. So efficient and pretty.

    Thanks for your lovely comments and support on my sad sack post. It really does help to share sometimes.

    Hey congratulations Vik, when is bubba due?
    I can get my baby knitting books out!

  3. Its' sweet Vik, I guess if you were worried about the stitching on the exterior, swap your machine to a decorative stitch, how sweet would that be! :) Your doing beautifully!

  4. Miss P how was your week? Hope you're feeling better. Look forward to seeing your version of the pillowcase dress.

    Bubs is due in August, perfect for knitted winter woollies!