My 1st Nicole Mallalieu Bag

I was petrified of this bag pattern (the flap totally freaked me out) which I bought back in September and had worked myself up about for 2 months LOL. In the end, with some encouragement from Emma and me repeating to myself that it's only a 1 flower difficulty rating, I started on the bag as a secret santa present for a special cyber friend.

Overall I am happy with the finished bag.

There was no heavy weight interfacing in the shop on the day so I went with shapewell which is very stiff. I'm hoping the bag will relax a little with use.

I wanted to make the strap adjustable but couldn't source a slide buckle in time.

I could only find bronze rings which I love and think match the bag but when I finished I wanted to add a twist turn lock to keep the flap down and could not for the life of me find one anywhere in Melbourne. I had no time to order online so had to use the only one I eventually found by pure luck, which was unfortunately silver.

I originally wanted to use a magnetic catch but I think I missed the step where I was meant to insert it into the flap before stitching it to the bag?? By the time I realised, I was finished and there was no way I was unpicking which is why I thought a twist turn lock would be good, if only I could have found a bronze one :(

I was scared to chop into my bag to insert the lock but all was good and I'm happy with how it looks.

Because of the shapewell, I went a bit nuts trying to iron the bag after turning it inside out (the right way) and was devastated to see that I melted some stitching. At least that's what I think happened? Has anyone ever had disintegrating stitches before? I could have cried!

I also made a matching tissue holder.

and the disintegrating stitches!


  1. I've melted stitches before too. The bag looks great!

  2. I love my bag, I just have to use it now. A very stylish nappy bag :)

  3. Well done!! SO glad you got over your terror and had a crack at it. ( Why was it so terrifying?)

    And yes - I'm another stiutch-melter! It happens when there's polyester in the thread and high heat in the iron.

  4. I meant "stitch-melter"....

  5. Thanks Nikki. Would you believe it was the flap that sent me into a spin? No idea why, most likely just because I haven't done one before!

  6. I haven't visited in awhile, I love this bag!!

  7. Great effort with the Nicole M bag- I have a barrel purse kit that I am abit daounted by!

  8. WOW Nikk, this is fab...stitches melting or not...i love it....your soooooo clever chicky :)

  9. Great bag! My first experience with Wooly Nylon in my serger and I melted a rolled hem. I hate that feeling you get when your're almost done and something goes very wrong.