Christmas Caroline Dress

I had to make something Christmas-y so with not much time left at all, I made this Caroline Dress for M last night.

She wore it to the hairdressers this morning, here she is in her dress with her new short do.

Before we left

We're off to see Santa tomorrow so I'm trying to finish a pair of Little Explorers for the boy in some red dotty trim, Christmas-y without being OTT. Both new items of clothing will be worn for the Chrissy pic if there are no food/drink disasters between getting dressed and making it to Santa.


  1. Very Sweet and Festive. Her hair looks lovely for the coming summer months! Lucky Girl, can't wait to see your little Explorer shorts, seeing you are such a pro, might have to commission you to make a pair for Jaxon (size 2) *hint* lol Have a wonderful christmas and thank you so much for your valued friendship and support this year! Love Mel and her B's xox

  2. Aww now I'm going to cry :)

    Thank YOU Mel, you were a big part of me learning to sew, you are an inspiration and just look at the world that I have been opened up to. Why oh why haven't you made Jax a pair of these gorgeous shorts yet??