A Prize Winning Dress

Rewind to sometime around October last year.  We were right in the middle of all the weddings, packing up the house and coping with enjoying our new baby.  One night I plonked myself onto the lounge in front of the TV to feed baby F and by pure chance I stumbled across a sewing show.

Sew What A Feeling was a series aired on Channel 31, a community television station broadcasting to Melbourne and Geelong.  The low budget production was aimed at beginner sewers and was a good way to spend half an hour breastfeeding.  I enjoyed the discussion on fabric selection, sewing advice and tips they gave on using an overlocker.  

The ladies hosting the show run sewing classes in Melbourne and are unlikely to be moving to a prime time slot on mainstream television anytime soon, however they were likeable and have obviously been sewing forever and a day. 

A sewing competition was advertised at the end of each show.  Entrants were asked to make something from one of these patterns.

McCalls M5094

Vogue V8363

Butterick B5355

McCalls M5572  

There was no way I could enter, my plate was full enough.....until I decided that I really wanted to give it a try and would just have to try and plug away it at whenever I could find the time.

So, I decided to make a new dress for M and chose the McCalls M5572 pattern and here it is.  

Although a little big for her at the moment, M loves it.  One of M's friends tried it on and it was a perfect fit on her.  She loved it so much she has requested something for herself in the same fabric.  (Lucky her birthday is coming up.)

On the last episode of Sew What A Feeling, I was super excited to see my name pop up on the screen as the winner of the open section.

One must wonder exactly how many entries were submitted for the competition haha!!

Fast forward to today....my prize was delivered!  Thank you Sew What A Feeling :)


  1. Congratulations! I love the fabric combination, I can see why M and her friend love it. Enjoy the new machine :)

  2. Oh *WOW* you didn't share this with me!!! SUPER STAR!!! LOVE YOUR PRIZE!!!!

  3. hehe, all the comments are from Mel's. Congrats Vik, the dress is gorgeous. Enjoy the new toy :)

  4. Well done!!! clever you!!! The dress turned out really well. What time and day is this show on?

  5. Congratulations! What a great prize!
    And don't talk it down - the dress is great and your fabric combination is lovely.

  6. Vik - you my dear are a superstar!!!! How good is it to win and how good is that prize. Where is this TV show??? Why dont they have it on Foxtel???

  7. Thanks so much girls!

    Miss P, they are repeating last seasons episodes on Mondays at 2.30.

  8. OMG how did I miss this post?! Congratulations Vik, Im awe struck - I never win anything let alone anything as fabulous as a sewing machine! I can see exactly why you won, everything about that dress is adorable (including the kid in it), I love the apple print.