Swap - What I Received

Our latest swap involved listing 3 things you would like to receive and our swap partners were left to choose which item to make. I was so excited this morning and as soon as M was awake we decided to open my present. M knew all about the swap as I had been explaining to her why I was making a present for someone I didn't know and I think she was just as excited as me! Thank you to my swap partner Bec for the fabulous goodies I received.

Off to a good start...I spy chocolate!!

A superhero cape!! One very excited little boy kept saying "I can fly, I can fly!" It has his initial on one side...

...and a lightening bolt on the other. I love the fabric, it's perfect cape material.

Hanging out on the floor this morning wearing his new cape

I have been wanting one of these for ages!! A beautiful Make It Perfect versatile wrap skirt. I love the fabric Bec has chosen for my skirt - gorgeous! I first saw this fabric on Mel's blog and love the colourway Bec used. She was so thoughtful and even included a button in case I need to make a size adjustment. There was also some velcro to adjust the neck size of the cape if need be, thanks Bec.

My beautiful skirt!

M claimed the chocolate as hers and was happy with the 1 piece I gave her and I've hidden the rest in the fridge for later.

Thank you so much Bec, I love everything you made and you have done a fabulous job. I feel very lucky to have received 2 things from my list. The overlocked edges of the skirt are even in coordinating thread and thank you so much for the extra item in the parcel too that I have deliberately not blogged about but am really appreciative of.


  1. Very nice you are so lucky Vik!!!!!

  2. OOohhhh ... I want your skirt for work tomorrow!!! lol .. Gorgeous! I love the take on the superhero cape, they're always so much fun! Glad Myah was able to join in too with some chocolate! What a great Sunday surprise Vik :)

  3. How stunning are these children! Totally products of extreme loving parenting it is soooo obvious. Great sharing Bec